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One popular method used in marketing is called Paid to Read (PTR) or Pay Per Click (PPC). PTR emails can earn money from the Internet and a steady flow of cash for those who sign up, particularly as they have referral schemes that enhance the income.

Organisations are willing to put up a sum of money to advertising companies that enlist users to read adverts, on the Internet, in return for cash or advertising. The users that sign up for this, pick and choose which subjects they are interested in. This is called Directed Advertising which provides a better sell rate for marketeers.

Many programs claim to pay many cents a click or even dollars per click. This is not sustainable and cannot work so avoid them they are SCAMs! If you are not sure, a rough check is compare the price of buying one advert with the earnings from one click!!

A useful aspect of PPC systems is that you can choose to buy clicks on your own websites rather than take cash, effectively generating traffic to your websites for a little bit of effort on your part.

We recommend that you check with GPT Boycott before joining any PTR schemes as they perform a thoroughly good research role, having years of experience checking for 'Get to...' scams.

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